Our Containers


Dimensions Available

  • 8x10’  Height 8.5’

  • 8x20’ Height 8.5’

  • 8x40’ Height 8.5’

  • 8x20’ High Cube Height 9.5’

  • 8x40’ High Cube  Height 9.5’


Available Special Features & Additional Modifications

  • Roll up doors

  • Shelving

  • Lighting

  • insulation

  • On Site Office Conversion

  • Half & Half Office/Storage Modification

  • Doors At Each End ( Available on 8’x20’ and 8’x40’ units )

  • High Cube Units ( Available in select sizes)


Mobile Offices & Break Rooms

  • Great solution for on-site office

  • customized to suit your application

  • available to rent and buy

Mobile and portable offices are built to suit your application. Features such as insulation, windows, air conditioning, lighting and shelving are all available. We also offer a half office/half storage option. Please contact us to discuss your site’s needs and we will be happy to build a great mobile office solution for you.


Residential Applications

  • Great for storage space during remodels

  • Seasonal storage for mowers, cycles, tools or sporting equipment

Residential needs are usually taken care of with 8x20’ units which can be delivered on a straight rollback truck. This allows the placement of the units in a driveway or side yard location. If more than one unit is needed, we can transport the second unit on a transfer trailer and spot it with the rollback truck. Most companies do all their deliveries with a tractor trailer. This severely limits where the customer can place the unit and may eliminate the use a container completely. We believe in placing the unit In the most convenient spot for the customer, not the delivery truck.

8x20 Container


Commercial & Rural Customer Use

  • On site, ground level storage

  • Security and convenience

  • Install logo and use for advertising

If the customer needs the 8x20’ units we gladly deliver on the straight rollback trucks. If the customer needs the 8x40’ units, they will be delivered on a semi truck combination. The trailer is a sliding axle design, which allows the container to be offloaded with no extra help from lifts or cranes.

40 ft. Container


Speciality Equipment

Innovative ideas are entering into the market, mostly as one trip units.

  • 10’ Units: These are the same constructions (same doors) as standard boxes but only 9’8” long

  • Double Door Units: 20’ and 40’ units with doors on each end.

  • Side Door Units: 20’ containers with standard doors on one end and a huge set of bi-fold doors on one side. This allows the side to be opened and long/bulky equipment to be placed in the side with forklifts. It also allows the side to be used as a work area.

  • Duo-Com: 20’ units that have doors on each end and are designed to be cut in half to make two 10’ units.

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